Cabin Weekend (Members)

Summer / Fall Weekends at the Cabin!!!
Experience cooler weather, smog free days
and awesome star studded nights
in the magnificent San Jacinto Mountains

The San Jacinto Cabin open weekends during the season of 2016 for members and guests are:

October 6-7 

 (Above schedule subject to change)

We encourage anyone interested to come up and enjoy our wonderful cabin.

NOTES: Because access to the cabin is restricted, all members and guests need to RSVP at least two days prior to the weekend.

All Guests must be accompanied by a member.

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When you come, bring the following:

* Drinking water

* Flashlight

* Sleeping bag

* Your own pillowcase

* Your own food and drinks

Please join us at our lovely cabin for outdoor fun and friendships. 

Here is a preview of the attractions...
There are many wonderful outdoor activities at the cabin such as trails to hike,  a horseshoe court, quiet places to relax and read, a hammock (first come first serve), stars to gaze up at (we have a star chart), a fire ring for campfires (bring your instruments and singing voices), sunbathing on sunny days (bring your own towel), lots of board games and playing cards, a special bench for watching spectacular sunsets and chairs for sitting out doors.  We have a net for badminton or volley ball. Bring your own ball and birdie, rackets are available. 

The town of Idyllwild is an easy 15 min drive from the cabin and has many eating and drinking establishments along with a movie theater, shops, grocery stores and galleries.

There are 2 cabins which sleep a total of 25 persons. Sleeping arrangements are dormitory style.  Bring a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets and a pillow.  We have extra up there if needed. We have a well stocked kitchen.  Bring your own food to prepare. Other things you want to bring include a flashlight and a camera for photos and/or videos.

The cabin is about a 2 hour drive from the Pasadena area. 
More info available upon request.
Guests must be acompanied by a member.

Please RSVP by clicking HERE.

If you would like to visit our cabin or have any questions please CLICK HERE and complete the Cabin RSVP and contact form.